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Van driving tips for first timers

For any Tuff Van Hire customers looking to carry out a small self-removal, hiring a decent-sized van makes sense. Not only is it cheaper than splashing out on a full-blooded removal service which may be unnecessary, you’re in control and can do things at your own pace.

But if you haven’t driven a van before it’s not something to be approached lightly. There are big differences between driving a car (even an estate car) and a decent-sized van.

    • When you pick up your van, you’ll get a brief chat about the main features and how they work (i.e. dashboard, seat adjustment etc). Listen carefully and make sure you familiarize yourself with the controls before you set off.


    • Wear sturdy sensible shoes that will enable you to press firmly on the pedals. Remember, the footwell and pedals are likely to be bigger. Trying to get into gear in your sandals is not a smart move!


    • Adjust your mirrors to give you the best vision possible – remember, vans have blind spots on both sides (try to reduce this as much as you can).


    • Before setting off, make sure all cargo is loaded properly and securely – particularly heavy or fragile objects. You don’t want things coming loose and causing a distraction or worse still, risk making the van unstable or unbalanced.


When you take to the road, remember, you’re driving a larger heavier vehicle. So you need to watch out for – and make allowance for – the following:

    • Increased stopping distance – you need to apply the 4 second rule for a van (count 1001, 1002, 1003 and 1004) after the rear of the vehicle in front passes a fixed object. Increase this in difficult weather conditions.


    • Taking extra care when reversing or turning – vans have blind spots, so use your mirrors as much as possible, use signals well in advance and allow extra room when turning (cyclist and motorcyclists are hard to see).


  • The height of your van – you need to take extra care with height restrictions. Watch out for overhead obstructions like trees or signage etc.

So, just a few of the things to watch out for. But lastly, a fairly obvious one – please make sure you lock your van when you park up. Thieves don’t just target cars!

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