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The van hall of fame

OK, we admit it. Here at Tuff we have a bit of a thing for vans. Not in a dodgy way! We just appreciate a fine looking van when we see one. Whether that’s a lovingly restored VW Camper with all the original trimmings, or just a good old school transit, we don’t care. Vans rock. Simple as. Here’s some of our faves…

tuff favourite vans

The 1983 GMC Vardura (otherwise known as the A-Team Van)

Pity the fool who can’t appreciate the beauty of this TV icon. Yes, we know, it never looked like BA was driving it for real (what was it with all that side to side steering?). Yes, we know it never seemed to suffer the after effects of 100ft leaps across ravines. Yes, we know it spawned a whole bunch of daft copycats. But boy, did it look good with those alloys, metallic paint job and red side stripes.

The 1979 Austin Morris Sherpa Van (as seen in The Professionals etc)

There was nothing like a seventies cop show to showcase the best/worst of British car-making. Rovers, Avengers and Princesses being used and abused on London streets by grouchy cops in a hurry. Thank the Lord for Bodie and Doyle’s Capri. But one thing you could rely on was the presence of a ropey old Sherpa – either rammed full of coppers on a stakeout or packed with crims and their loot. You’re nicked sunshine! Rest assured, Tuff use vans that are a lot more up to date and – how shall we say – just a little more reliable.

The 1970 Reliant Regal Van (the Trotter’s Independent Traders runaround)

It needs no introduction. The world’s most famous three-wheeled yellow van – without which, Del Boy and Rodney may not have become millionaires. Enough has been written about this cherished cultural icon to paper the pavements of Peckham. All we would add is that if you do have a serious amount of kit to shift, we recommend something a bit bigger. Time to give us a ring at Tuff.

Jean Claude Van Damme

So this Van doesn’t have wheels. Or an exhaust. Or an engine (as far as we know). But the Muscles from Brussels earns a place on our list for his spectacularly impressive martial arts skills and spectacularly bad acting. And Jean Claude, if you fancy a deal on a MEDIUM, LARGE or LARGE TAIL LIFT, we’ll do you mates’ rates – OK?

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