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Getting More Miles For Your Money

At Tuff Van Hire we like to go that extra mile in ensuring our customers make the most of hiring a van from us. With that in mind we have complied a list of van driving tips that will ensure your driving experience is as economical as possible. If you have any questions or additional tips of fuel saving you think would benefit our hirer’s please get in touch and send us your thoughts.

Economical Van Driving Tips

Think Aerodynamic
At Tuff Van Hire we have removed all the roof racks from our vans, if you specifically require let us know a few days before your hire date so we can attach one to the van for you. Roof racks, bike carriers or roof boxes when in use reduce the air flow and cause air resistance when driving your van, by removing these items when not needed means you reduce the air drag of your van meaning its easier for it to travel which decreases the amount of fuel you use.

Keep it Clean
The more you keep in the back of your van the heavier the van becomes meaning it takes more fuel to drive. When not suing items for a few days or more remove these from your van and store them securely. You will notice a difference in the way your van handles and your fuel consumption will be lower…a win win situation.

Check Your Tyres
As well as increasing the risk of a blow-out, under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by three percent. All Tuff Van Hire vans have their tyre pressure checked and adjusted before the vans leave the depot. If your using our vans to carry extremely heavy loads please speak to one of our employees a day before your due to hire the van, we’ll set the tyre pressure accordingly so you have a safe van hire experience.

Keep Revs Down
Change gear earlier, at around 3,500rpm for a petrol-engine or 3,000rpm for a diesel, to avoid using unnecessary fuel. Taking the engine revs up higher than this will dramatically increase your fuel consumption. When driving on motorways always use the highest most economical gear as best as possible. When your van has an empty load you can start off in 2nd gear on downhill starts.

Switch Off in Traffic
At a standstill in a jam? Switch off your engine, allowing you to save fuel and cut pollutants you then have to breathe in.

Plan your Route
Make sure you know where you’re going and avoid traffic and roadworks. Sat-navs can help, especially those with an eco driving option. At Tuff Van Hire we have sat-navs for hire to make getting to your destination as quickly an easy as possible a reality.

Read the Road
Anticipate what’s coming up so you avoid accelerating and braking sharply, wasting momentum and fuel. When carrying a heavy load this is also advisable as the vans braking distance increases due to more weight in the bulkhead.

Call 0131 657 1071 to hire your van and sat-nav from Tuff Van Hire.

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