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Environmental Policy

Last updated | 2013

At Tuff Van Hire we are committed to continuously reducing our impact on the environment. Due to our line of work it’s essential that we care about and consider the impact Tuff Van Hire has on the environment continuously.

Our vehicles are annually tested and conform to the strict class emissions MOT testing. Purchase of materials and production of waste are minimal. Bearing this in mind we’re happy to announce we’ve significantly reduced our environmental impact and carbon footprint again over the past year by implementing some tactical changes in the way we work:

Travel Reductions : A third of the workforce now walks or cycle to our premises. We try to keep business travel to a minimum with the majority of work with clients being carried out electronically or by phone. When travelling is necessary, public transport is our first choice if possible. At times when car usage is needed we aim to plan more than one meeting in that geographical area; thus limiting such journeys and their environmental impact.

Van and Vehicles : We have a promise to reduce the current and future environmental impact from each year we trade. Our vans while are not all the newest we aim to annually source and hire out newer vans to ensure they are both more economical and environmentally sound.

Energy Consumption : We keep energy use low by continuing to turn off equipment / lights (low energy light bulbs) which are not being used. Natural light is used wherever possible.

Stationary : All stationary such as envelopes, paper etc is sourced from recycled stock where possible. Staffs are encouraged to use unwanted paper as scrap first before recycling.

Recycling : We reuse resources whenever possible rather than dispose of them. Non-confidential paperwork is either used to make notepads or recycled. Cans and cardboard are also sent away for recycling on a weekly basis. Confidential paperwork is shredded and composted. Old electronic components for computers are wherever possible used to build computers for friends/family members.

Our policy is regularly reviewed, with updates included as and when current objectives are met and new ones are identified. We are committed to ensuring that Tuff Van Hire staff, our current and potential clients plus the general public can access our policy easily.

Every little helps and we’re committed to being green.

©2013 Tuff Van Hire Ltd Environmental Policy

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